You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening.  It’s time for NewEarth team members to get more interactive!! You’re invited to meet and mingle with the dynamic individuals currently co-creating within the NewEarth Project.

The Faces of NewEarth

Hosted by Sacha Stone

The first of our quarterly POWWOW’s

Showcasing our international team of creative genius’s and their current projects.


Journey through the Institute and into the Academy of Sound, Music & Transformation as well as the Faculties of Science and Technology, Health and Wellness, Design & Development,  Consciousness & Spirituality and Ecology & Regeneration.  Catch up with News from the Media Department, including what’s happening with the launch of NewEarth TV and get the download on NewEarth Haven’s Development, Secession and The Peru Project!

Meet our brilliant team, and connect with some of them live in the chat for Q and A during the broadcast.  You’re invited to participate and share your input and ideas.   


Time Signatures

PST/PDT, Pacific Daylight Time (US)
5:00p    Sat, Aug 1 2015

EST/EDT, Eastern Daylight Time (US)
8:00p    Sat, Aug 1 2015

GMT, Greenwich Mean Time
12:00a    Sun, Aug 2 2015

BALIKPAPAN, Indonesia/ PERTH, Australia
8:00a    Sun, Aug 2 2015

SYDNEY, Australia
10:00a    Sun, Aug 2 2015


Click here during the broadcast to join us and don’t miss your opportunity to engage with the team for Live Q & A chat


Due to the epic ‘mandala like’ nature of the body of resources generated by the  NewEarth Project hub, we have so much to share over a broad range of relevant elements that there’s guaranteed to be something to catch your imagination or spark your interest.  

Our first POWWOW begins to introduce our quantum,  multi dimensional team to the world.  Since the inception of the NewEarth Project, we have had a wonderful and colorful array of individuals devote their time and flavor into the ever expanding Brain Trust that is the NewEarth Project.  We understand that navigating that as an observer can be overwhelming.. so we’re bringing them to you!!

On this PowWow

Nancy Ash – Director  NewEarth Institute

Doug Linman – Director NEST / Co- Founder Solar Liquid Power Nano Technology

Thomas Brown – NEST Member
Mariah Thomas Wolf – Director NEST Operations

Julene Siddique – Director Academy of Sound, Music and Transformation
Danielle Brooks – Director Health and Wellness

Ryan Boyd- Director Consciousness and Spirituality & News Desk
Jason Bart – Director Design and Development

Alex Loseman – Director Ecology and Regeneration

Greg Paul – Director NewEarth, Ground Crew Peru Project

Rebecca Cope – Director ITNJ
Steve Herr –  ITNJ Committee Member
Santi Azpilicueta – Director IT
Brian Kelly – Director NewEarth Havens
Gaëtan Robert – NewEarth Member and Affiliate

Randy Kaiser – NewEarth Member and Affiliate